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here you can find my Blogposts in chronologically order from my 3 Months Motorbike trip through india. An awesome experience i had and which i´m planning to repeat some day again. India is just fascinating…sometimes disturbing and just awesome.
I hope you enjoy the reading as much as i enjoyed the trip…
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Preparation of the Trip to India (January 23rd, 2011)

on Saturday i was at my bike dealer and brought over some bavarian sausages and Prezels with beer as a kind of breakfast…. just a little THANK YOU for all the support you guys gave to me during all the preparation… special the one whole day i could spend behind the scene to learn some maintenance on the bike… that was a great experience….



so here are some pics from the bike Dealer showroom.. more can be found in the Picture Gallery….
only 5 days to go

…Starting... (January 28th, 2011)

so finally i´m starting the trip. Currently i sit in the Frankfurt Airport and wait to the gate gets open icon_smile I can´t believe it… i´m really doing it after so log time just planning and talking about……
And thanks to my wife that she so understanding that i can go and do this trip
Meanwhile while you wait that i will post the first life signs from Delhi have fun reading this awesome ride report from an guy i have contact through an real coll indian bikder community/forum….
klick here
enjoy the ride report through south india and the pictures
cu in Delhi

…arrived... (January 30th, 2011)

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Saturday 29´th jan. …Arrived…. finally i arrived in New Delhi.
After a quite uncomfortable flight with nearly no sleep i arrived after 7 hours. Just immediately i switched on my mobile with the indian number i got the advertisement calls or some calls for the former owner oft he phone number (when you are reading this A.G. you know whom i´m talking about
). But then i got the one important call from the guys from Clintus agency (www.clintus.com).
They were waiting for me already outside the Airport. Once i got the luggage i rushed out and we drove tot he B & B i booked in advance. The first little disappointment was that there will be no action taken for getteing the bike out if customs before monday. I i would knew that i could have stayed a couple of days longer at home and send the bike later… but nevertheless… i´m in india so i will do the best of the two days…. I arrived at the B&B and got a warm welcome. (pics:
klickme )
Real nice room and on other guest. It showed up that it is a veterinary lady form US doing a volunteership in Sikkim. Another vet. Lady from Australia approached just 30mins after me. It´s their first time in india and i think they got a slight culture shock beeing here
So we spend the afternoon in at the B&B. Later on we headed to a Mall called Ambience Mall with a taxi. Costs was 500rs fort he car (for 4h) +toll + parking = 580rs divided by us 4.
The Rs/€ rate at the moment is 1€=62,30RS (so i take 60 in the future). The difference beeing in this mall with it´s cleanliness and „sterility“ compared to the outside world is astonishing and shocking. (Pics:
klickme) Also the guard in- and outside with it´s pumpguns was a strange view. We had a fantastic meal at Haldirams which offers real indian cuisine but in a more „controlled“ surrounding as on the street foodstalls in delhi.
This was quite good for my two ladies *smile*  but i assume when they are one week longer in india they will get also used to the street food and they do not need the hand sanitizer before they start eating (hehe i thought by myself  it is funny using a hand sanitizer before eating…) The food was Idli Massalla; Dosai Massalla; South Indian Plate and a gorgeous Paneer (thats cheese).  After strolling a little bit around in the mall we headed back to the B&B.
We got some nice beer´s on the way back (called godfather) for 65Rs/bottle and emptied them together in the dining room. Then i really fell nearly into coma as i had not real sleep for about 30h. I just skyped with my love a little bit and then turned around playing „dead man in the bed“…..
So i arrived in India and it was just great beeing on the trip….. Greetz to all the poeple at home and at work.. The pics will be posted in the future at the
picture gallery

….towed away and first Delhi impressions…. (January 31st, 2011)

….towed away and first Delhi impressions….
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Sunday 30´th Jan.
Before today on Monday morning the big adventure at the customs start I just want to write a short report on Sunday…….
It was quite funny day at the end…at least for me I guess not so much for my landlady here at the B&B

The two ladies for the veterinarian volunteer left this morning quite early so I had also just a short night as I also got up to say goodbye to them…..
Then I hang around a bit and suddenly renu approached me if i´m interested to go with her into the city as she has some thing to do… yepp that´s an idea I thought so I joined her…. We went to some nice quarter and she looked after some things. On some occasions I just waited outside and took some street photos… it´s amazing what can be carried on an bicycle (
Picture klickme) and also the electric wiring is adventurous sometimes (Klickme).
When we got back tot he car… it was not there….. so i thought by myself OMG how should we recover a towed away car in this big chaos called Delhi traffic & organisation…..
But i got really surprised as it showed up to be real simple… a Autorikscha driver knew where the next police station was so we hired him to get there.. we did not even had to enter the station itself as an Guard outside (with a machine gun over his shoulder) immediately stopped us and send us to a nearby side road were all the towed away cars had been put at.  The annoying on the whole action (which costs Renu 300Rs) was that there was no sign no line no nothing at all which said that parking is prohibited were we had parked. Nevertheless an whole armada of tow cars would be needed as the whole street was fully parked. I really didn´t got the logic why especially our car and approx. 10 others were towed away out of the bunch of 100 which were parked along the road….
So after recovering our car we were real hungry so I invited renu for a nice meal.. we decided to go to another Ambience Mall (not the same as last Evening) to go again to Haldirams… oh what a great food again… I just love it…… J
Again the discrepancy in india showed up when strolling around in this mall with all it´s luxury compared to the place were the car was parked when it was towed away (the ruins of the busses was used as housing – just to mention)  
Klickme and the mall…..Klickme.
Also when you see te protected kids playground at the mall and the rest… i knew all this before i came to india but to see it again its  still hard to get used to it and to accept it that there is such a big big discrepancy between very poor and wealthy. I don´t want to call it rich because the rich go into other parts of the mall were the Guchi and Versace shops are located…. Also a Harley Davidson shop is in this mall but there was unfortunately no time to go there… perhaps I will visit the shop later this week when I have time…..
So  today the guys from clintus will pick me up for the customs… time for breakfast…..
I´ll keep you updated……

…Customs bureaucracy at it´s best….. (February 1st, 2011)

…Customs bureaucracy at it´s best…..
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Hi readers,
So I made it. I got the bike . With the great guys from Clintus we managed it to get the bike out of the customs within 6hours.
I never saw such of bunch of bureaucracy (better bureaucraZy) as within these 6 hours. It was interesting…. Everybody running headless around doing something somehow… getting something stamped and signed by someone (who did not even looks as an official).
I can´t image how to scope with that having not the guys from clintus beside me. Sometimes I had to follow into an office the other time I just waited outside. Then we went from the customs building to the sorage hall… but the bike was at the commercial goods part…. So we had to change this to get the bike out in one day it must be an private good (not sure about the right expression but I think it is called private good)  – what it is in my understanding anyway.
After this going back to the customs building getting some more papers stamped and then some more stamps and signatures……
After we got the bike on the truck it was just 20mins before the time was that heavy duty trucks are not allowed to drive in Delhi (that´s from 5p.m. – 9p.m.)
But we still had to wait for the last customs inspection to check engine and chassis number. After opening the box (omg YES ITS IS OK J ) we got very quick a crowd gathered around the truck asking the four famous questions again and again (how fast?; how many CC?; price?; how many km with one litre?).
Some of the guys even went up the truck to the bike and wanted to touch everything… ok now I have a slight impression what´s going to await me…
The last inspection was the fast and then we headed to the clintus compound I got ready and a very nice co-biker from clintus showed me the way back to my B&B… it was a dark and the roads were quiet packed but believe me it was such a fun riding on the bike after this stupid winter thing not riding… wohoo…… gogogogo….
I assume I have used the horn more often as all the time before since I had the bike
The traffic isn´t as bad as I thought… everybody is looking and honking and so you get used to it real quick….
When being close to my B&B a police road block appeared…. Ths police guy looked first funny of the bike and I guess he wanted me to stop as he raised the hand.. but I was so lucky driving the bike and swim with the traffic I just waved back to him and disappeared… you must have seen his face… unbelievable…
I wanted so desperately film my first drive in Delhi but at the end of this really long day i was just tired and wanted to head back to the B&B.. i did not even think of mounting the camera…. i haven´t eaten anything the whole day as we been at the customs….
So let´s see how it will be on  the road to Haridwar I want to go within the next two days…

..easy going day… Video first ride in Dehli (February 2nd)

..easy going day…
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Wow finally the first day nothing special did happen.. i´m getting more and more relaxed now as I have my bike and the trip can start…
I will head off to Haridwar on Thursday early morning so I have another chill out day tomorrow. After all these run-around-get-something-done days this feels real good now.
I had a short drive with the bike to get some petrol and to check the air pressure. It´s nothing so special but here´s the first video from Delhi driving… as I was not able to do a nightdrive video from my real first drive in Delhi….

Or you can go to my youtube channel
Unfortunately nobody replied from the xbhp biker forum for a trio around Delhi but as it is middle of the week I assume all have to work…

…insurance…what for ??…. (February 2nd, 2011)

…insurance…what for ??….
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I just wanted to ride the bike out of dehli a bit but it came an other way round as planned (isn´t it so often like this
icon_smile  )

As I wanted to go for a ride out of Delhi it cam up to my mind that someone recommended me to get a third party insurance for the bike. And as I´m afraid that I operhaps have to show this to the police I asked my landlady renu for assistance.
She called her insurance agent and with self confidence he explained to me that this should be no problem. As I was not keen on riding through the city traffic I took a taxi to the agents place. After calling 5-6 insurance companies it turned out that nobody wants to insure a foreigner… wtf… I go without a insurance…
Being back at my B&B (which feels like home already) I went with renu to get some water and stuff for the ride to haridwar.
Packing and prpeapring and the day was over… ok so tomorrow I will head to Haridwar….
I hope I will have more inet access to keep you updated…
Bye… read you soon..
P.s. thanks for the nice comments & Mails

Thursday 3´rd – Sunday 6´th…Delhi – Haridwar – Shimla – Amritsar (February 8th, 2011)

Thursday 3´rd – Sunday 6´th…Delhi – Haridwar – Shimla – Amritsar <- link to the blog
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I finally hit the road starting travelling. First Destination was Haridwar a nice city which becomes a big pilgrim place during some time in the Year. (Pictures)
But before getting there I had to survive the Delhi traffic. Forget about the Video I uploaded. The traffic was really bad and as I got stuck in a traffic jam I realized that the Indian way of driving is cool….. just use the other side of the road – cars coming toward you  – just don´t mind ignore them and they will ignore you….. so it happened that I followed other bikers through the incoming lane to Delhi out of Delhi… and as I thought I was out I got stuck into another traffic jam.. what a joy…. After nearly 1 ½ hours I managed it to get out of Delhi and the surrounding suburb and the real madness began… Truck drivers overtaking suddenly on your lane…. People crossing the street without looking..but nothing happened. Too see it a little more the esoteric way everything is just in the flow….
Laugh…. And you just must be a part of this…. So I let it flow and began to drive like an Indian. And it worked out.. I got relaxed with some heart standstills when again a bus/truck/car just approached in front of me but overall it was just fine. I arrived Haridwar in about 7h with some breaks and checked in into a nice hotel, which was recommended by the lonely planet. Hotel Ginger. The wifi & internet was not working so I was on “cold turkey” having no access to nothing. But that’s also part of the trip not to be connected always as you are at home permanent.

Haridwar is really nice and it must be a busting city during the season festival. Everywhere are stairs down to the ganga for the ritual washing. I took an autorikscha to get a bit around.

Next morning I headed towards Shimla
(Pictures). And it was a ride I will never forget in my life. First it started great with nice winding roads up the mountains but after some kilometres the road turned into a big construction site for the next 90km. The rear plastic coverage of the BMW broke during that ride but that I realized only later when I arrived at Shimla quite late that day. The whole trip took about 10h without big stopovers to have something to eat as I did not wanted to ride these roads in darkness. Have I mentioned it that it was awful? Deep Sandy roads even I was riding in the mountains with a mixture of tarmack and deep potholes, which were only made for me and only for me to hit. And you bet I hit them…. more than once…

So I hope in the second ride day I already had my personal Armageddon on the worst road of my life….

Arriving in Shimla it was quiet late and I went up to Spars Lodge which was recommended also in the LP. The night was 700Rs and it was a fair price. I had hot water for taking a shower and that was all that counted….
But there was no heating in the night and so I freeze like hell. I wanted to stay one more day and then heading over to Dharamsala but I changed my plans as I
a)did not wanted to stay longer in the cold
b) Dharamsala must be nice in the mountain but except the Dalai Lama thingy there is really nothing historical to see and as i´ve heard it´s very VERY touristic. So I decided to head directly to Amritsar the most holy place for Sikhs.
In Shimla I had a parking lot for the bike on the street, which made me a bit nervous, but opposite of the accommodation was the house of some kind of general, which is here in Shimla. So two guards with guns were all night long just opposite of the bike standing there. I think it couldn´t be protected better. The road to the guesthouse is very steep and I have it on the video which I will publish as soon I can get some good inet access with broadband.

As I checked my GPS I found out that the route recommended was about 8h. Uff….another 10h at least I thought of myself. So I started in the morning at 07:00 with a short breakfast and hit the road again down the mountains to Amritsar.
It was a long but wonderful ride. The first 80km were a dream for motor biking when you forget about the crazy trucks, buses etc… and when you imagine that it was really 80km just curve after curve and I maintained an average speed of 60 (approx.…)

Arriving the plains I had to go through Chandigarh, which I thought it could be a nightmare. But it wasn´t. It´s a very nice city which is really as a must visit place I have on my list next time I´m in India. The parts of the city  I saw when I went through looked really beautiful.

After Chandigarh the highway got really perfect.. sometimes even with 4 lanes (ok Indians make 6 or 8 out of them) and a wonderful cruising feeling with seldom potholes which Imanaged to miss then luckily and so I had a great time.
I reached Amritsar
(Pictures) in daylight and headed to Mrs. Bandaris Guesthouse, which also is recommended at the LP. Just a few words about the Guesthouse: I´ve travelled quite a lot  in the last years and I think this guesthouse is not to recommend. The bike stood safe and the rooms are fairly ok but you are charged on each and everything extra. On all you have a 10% service charge and the prices for food and drinks are 1/3 ore more over the normal price you pay at other guesthouses. As it is in a quite area of Amritsar it is not so easy to go out for lunch to other places so that´s how they make easy money when you are travelling without own vehicle, Even the bike costs 50RS/day
So it´s a nice place but very greedy for money….
In Amritsar I went up on Sunday 06´th at 05:00a.m. to go to the golden temple. It was fascinating. You must see the
pics….The rest of the day I strolled around a bit and just relaxed as I had three quite exhausting driving days behind me. I inspected the bike a bit and found a big piece of glass in the tyre… I hope it won´t run flat but these things I can´t change so I will wait and see.
Tomorrow I will head toward Rajasthan…. Stay tuned….

Abohar – Bikaneer & Rat Temple (February 8th)

Monday 07´th Feb. – Abohar – Bikaner

I woke up in the middle of the night because a heavy thunderstorm hit Amritsar. It was really bad and heavy rain. I hoped it would be over in the morning but I got disappointed.
With some minutes of no rain I decided to start anyway instead wasting another day in this place. So I headed towards Abohar (just as a stopover) for entering Rajasthan. The road conditions were nearly perfect but it was pouring rain the whole day. So I even just my heated grips after a while as it got really cold. Can´t believe it using them while in India (ok ok call me a sissy)
Abohar I found a nice place to  stay the night and the next day I decided to go first to Bikaner…. I got up at 07:00 and had a quick breakfast and went out to the bike…. And it was fog… all over the place… and cold… again…..
Now I got nearly all weather you can get except Snowfall I guess….. at 7 degrees temperature the ride was not really pleasant also as the visibility was sometimes below 50m. After about 100km the fog cleared off and I reached Rajasthan. Fantastic.. the desert looked great and arriving in Bikaner I went to the Haravas Haveli Hotel. Really nice and worth a stay. Thanks for the recommendation Thomas !!
I visited the fort and tomorrow I will go to the
rat temple…..

Tuesday 08´th – Monday 14´th long time no update….. (got sick) (February 14th)

Tuesday 08´th – Monday 14´th long time no update….. (got sick)
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(Klick on the city names to see the pictures each opens a separate window)

Hello there,
Long time no update… I haven´t had any internet connection the last days and I also did not feel very comfortable to do any writing or to sit in an internet café somewhere…. But let´s start from the beginning……

…I enjoyed Bikaner a lot and headed to
Jaisalmer on a fantastic road which made me speeding like hell… even 160km/h was possible sometimes…. I had a lot of fun. I arrived Jaisalmer within 4 1/2  h drive and found a nice accommodation via the lonely planet a bit outside of Jaisalmer near a sunset point. The Hotel is called desert Moon. Nice and clean rooms with a very helpful staff. The room was just 450rs and as I wanted to stay in the highly recommended place I got from a friend it was booked out the one night and on the other hand I did not want to spend all the time nearly 2500++rs per night.

I decided the same day to take a tour through the Jaisalmer Fort with an American couple I met in the hotel. Reel nice these two and I really enjoyed the time with them…if you read it here…many greetings again….
The Fort is really brilliant and interesting to see with it´s small streets and sideways…. The next day I went to the “desert” or better say to the famous Jaisalmer Dunes.
And there it happened…the day did not start well I have to say but then I made two big mistakes.
1)   I bought water on a tourist stand called “camel meeting point” without checking the seals of the bottles well enough
2)    I decided to ride through the sand with my bike without having the right tyres on or lowering the air pressure….
So these two thing had two effects….. I threw the bike a couple of times in the fu*** sand and had to get it up again… this caused back acking like hell and I was totally exhausted… now i got thirsty and I drank the water what was a good idea on the first look…. But in the night it began…. diarrhea and vomiting the whole night long…. Feeling awful…. I checked the other bottles which i bought  in the morning and saw that the seal were manipulated… after opening them a strong smell of chloride came up to me and it was clear that this was just tub water or something else….. i hadn´t realized it as i was so thirsty in morning….

So I had to stay in the guesthouse and I felt terrible….. the next night was not much better but I decided to go to Jodpur anyway….. and forget about the idea with a camel trip… no way to go into the desert with a working WC near
The ride to jodpur was terrible…. feeling sick with a slight kind of fever and with  heat of about 33degres Celsius it was not a fun of ride even the road conditions were really good and only very few traffic.

I arrived in
Jodpur after 6h. In Jodpur the Hotel I wanted to check in had only accommodation for one night and it costs 3000rs…. but I booked it. Feeling to terrible to search in the chaos of this city for another accommodation.
I got to bed at about 5 p.m. and slept until the next morning at 8:00. And this was really urgently needed.

I checked again if there would be a place for a lonely biker in the hotel but “no way” all booked out. Again I was not in the mood to look much around for another accommodation even the city looks quite interesting and also the big fort on the mountain would be interesting to see I decided to head to Udaipur and have a rest there for  at least a couple of days….

So I got on the road again heading to
Udaipur…. the drive was fantastic and at the end I even stopped to mount the camera again. I was angry about myself that I had did not done it the last days but I was too distracted by other things the last days.
On the way out from Jodpur a car crashed me (just to mention it by the way)  but nothing serious happened. There must be all gods & goddesses of india plus the rest whatever have looked after me. In a roundabout I was nearly on my way out a car came from left behind me and bumped into my left paneer. The Aluminium paneers  absorbed most of the impact so nothing broke or damaged at the chassis (as far as I can see at last)

Sure i was kicked of the bike but I wasn´t fast anyway only about 5-10km/h. The Bike´s fender´s got some scratches and nothing happened to me. Immediately a crowd of 10-15 indian were there and as soon I did the “thumbs up” symbol that I was ok they helped me up and but the bike up on the side stand. The bast*** who hit me was vanished…..
But as mentioned neither the bike nor me had something damaged that was the most important….
keep you updated soon….

..NEW video..finally… from Haridwar to Shimla (February 15th)

..NEW video..finally…
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Hi there,
i got an USB stick with a data flatrate from tata. So finally i´m able to log on whenever i have 3G coverage. I just uploaded a new Video from this very exhausting tour via the mountains from
Haridwar to Shimla <- link to youtube. It took me more long time to get to shimla.

So check out the Video India section… or here is the link to my
Youtube Channel… (for the lazy ones which don´t want to look up in the menu bar icon_smile )

…a long riding day is over.. (February 18th)

Hi there,
i decided to head more direct to the south so i went from Mandu to Pune. It was a long day on the road….. here is the way i took:

It was 600km in one day..for my luck the first part was a real good way to go.. if someone is interested i will update also the rest of the way i went through india at my Gpsies account.
more to come soon… i´m taking a day off tomorrow so i will do some writing and updating the blog….

..the full route until 18´th feb.. (February 18th)

here it is….. also perhaps you clear your browser cache as i have updated my website with a new section "GPS Tracked" (opens a new window) were all the tracks will also be listed….. (accessible via the menu navigation at the top of the page)

15´th – 20´th feb. Udaipur – Mandu – Pune – Goa… (February 20th)

15´th – 20´th feb. Udaipur – Mandu – Pune – Goa……..finally
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Hi there, So I already updated the blog with some new routes from my Zumo600 device. It´s a nice little gadget this GPS device and I won´t miss it anymore. The maps I bought from Garmin for India are really quite exact just with some bypasses the device has some problems….. I´m currently and finally for a couple of days in Goa for chill out and relaxation…. Hey working colleagues.. I just repeated the following command Device_Brain: /flushcache forgetall -cpr3 -all_workflows –on_Call_duty_tasks -> execute
Haha….. works fine
icon_smile So back to the real important things in live…… Arrived after a great day of driving fantastic 4 lane roads I arrived in Udaipur (pictures). Nice city but with very tiny roads in the old part of the town were my hotel was located. You will see it on a video I have to finish. I met again the Us couple I was out one day in Jaisalmer and we just met for lunch again. Unfortunately I got some bad headache again so I couldn´t meet them in the evening… I guess it was still from the dyhadration… so I had to stay in the hotel the first evening…. Next day I visitied very early in the morning the Udaipur Palace which is really a fantastic piece of architecture (as far as I can judge this)… very impressive with a great view over the lake…. Later I just hang around and went around in Udaipur. On 16´th feb I moved towards to Mandu. A real small little city with a lot of history (see Wikipedia) The trip to Mandu was very nice in the beginning but again I had the “luck” that I had to go through 60km of construction. Also I took twice a wrong way…even with the GPS and this caused ma about 2h of extra time. So is happened that I had to go the last 10km up the mountains in total darkness. A thing I really tried to avoid but I had to go….. It was very exhausting ….
Here is the route:

I stayed two nights in Mandu (pictures) so that I had one full day for resting and do some little sightseeing. And in Mandu I had a fascinating view on other travellers…. Perhaps i´m getting old and conservative but I saw a couple of these so called “long-term-travellers” which is at least 6month or much more time they are on the road and I realized some interesting points: - at least 1/3 of them has rasta hair (but very shabby kind) - these ones NEVER wear shoes…. (perhaps as solidarity to the poor in India???) - And as a kind of uniform they have to show up in the most rotten unwashed and worn down clothes you can imagine…. That was kind of interesting and I had some nice conversation with a indian shop owner how he (and perhaps other Indians) see the “westerners” traveling through india…. It was very amusing for me….. From Mandu I made the 600km trip to Pune as I decided to go a more direct way to the south and to skip Daman…. Also I wanted to avoid to go near Mumbai traffic…. I had enough of city traffic….

So I headed on 18´th feb. to Pune. Was a great ride again on fantastic roads down the NH3 until I reached Nashik. From there I had to follow the NH50 which was just a simple street with a hell of traffic again and I got in some serious traffic jams. But finally I got to my Hotel I choose from the Lonely Planet. The
Hotel Surya Villa . In Pune still the Ashram of Bhagwan (or the rest of it) is alive so you see a lot of westerners (but also Indians) in these red clothing when they head to they mediations in the morning. I think it was in the 1990´s when it was posh in Germany…. Or even the 80´s i´m not sure. Unfortunately I found my DSLR totally dusted from the travel  so I went to a great Canon support shop were they fixed & cleaned it perfectly for 1200.-rs….
On the 20´th feb I headed now finally south to Goa to take some day off from biking and to some chill out and relax…. (NO i´m not one of these guys going for a meditation camp… and my hair is really too short for rasta…..)
so chill out and relax
icon_smile … more to come soon….

Since 20´th feb…. Goa…. About Yoga and full beaches…(February 23rd)

Since 20´th feb…. Goa…. About Yoga and full beaches…
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Hi there, So I arrived finally in famous Goa. After staying only one night in Panjim (as the hotel did something wrong with my reservation and thee was no more room for further ni) I headed to south Goa to one of the most famous beaches here…Palolem Beach. I arrived and checked in onto a place which was recommended to me by friends and also by the Lonley Planet called Bakti Kutir. A famous place which is offering a chilled out atmosphere and Yoga classes. But in the first sight I got badly disappointed. The rooms should cost 1300++ (with shared Bathroom) or 1500++ ensuite but in a kind of two store building made out of wood. So I took the ensuite room. And got someone living above me. It was ridiculous for this price. You could hear EVERYthing what was done said or spoken from the above room….. But the single Bungalows are even more expensive… So I decided to stay one night and look for something different. After refreshing myself a little bit I went to the restaurant of the “resort” to grab something to eat. They are famous for their organic and healthy cooking and I must say the food was worth every rupee it cost. It was delicious. I met two german ladies which are here for their Yoga Guru (or whatever you call it) to learn more Yoga….. That´s fine for me but as they tried to convince me to start also Yoga and that also the Massage treatments are SO good and fantastic I thought perhaps it would be better to leave the table.
But then the real laugher happened….they were talking about “Mantra Singing at sunset” and about stuff like this…. woohooo….. I thought that must the the Ganja (stuff to smoke) that makes you talk like this… so I left the place asap as it was really just too much to take for me….. I was just wondering were I got here….????? I don´t want offend anybody who is reading here but who knows me knows my opinion about this esoteric-mantra-singing-organic-healthy-food-long-living-meditation bull***** So…. Sorry that’s my Blog….If you feel offended visit your psychotherapeutic to talk about my problems
icon_smile But not all are like this i met a real nice english couple which i spend a great evening with and they were also here for their yoga but they just looked at it normal and did not made a big deal out of it as some others do…. just to mention that!

Next thing I wanted to explore was the famous Palolem Beach… and I couldn´t believe it. It was full and packed with people mostly from Russia, which were the total other part of these esoteric spiritual people I met before. The mantra of the guys at the beach was to get drunk as fast as possible just to fall into coma to get up again to drink more…. Sounds more fun to me but I really didn´t feel to join them. I´m really getting old now…
Some pics from the Beach:


So these were my first experiences to Palolem Beach… a bit disappointing but I have the feeling that it will get better day by day….. Just be easy and chill….. oh my god they are starting to assimilate me… I can feel the good vibes in the air icon_smile
so be easy and stay tuned….

Still in Goa…. But ready to leave…. (February 25th)

Hi there,
So i´m still in Goa. It´s easy to get stuck here as after the first days I found another nice beach called Patnem beach which is only 5mins walk away from the bungalows I have moved to.
Currently I stay at Sewas Bungalows, which are very simple Bamboo huts with “bucket shower” and no big luxury. But they are very clean and it is just great to have a bathroom without a roof. Every morning it is just great step into the bathroom and look above and you see the sky and hear all the nature around you. Fantastic!!
Check out the pics…!!!! And the price is unbeatable for 500.-rs/night

Patnam Beach isn´t as full as as Palolem Beach and you can find real nice spots here to eat and go out in the evening. So it´s a nice place to stay.
One day I did a trip to a
old Fort at Cap de Rama which was a great tip (Thanks Amithaba) I only did the mistake to go there with my bike gear equipped so I nearly got a heat stroke as it is really hot here during the daytime. Next time I do something like this I perhaps just wear more light clothes or I got by Autorikscha…. Still i´m still thinking always going with the safety Gear on all the time even for short distance trips…. on the way back to the Beach i saw some real colourfull houses…i had to take pics of them. And extra for the tourists they even but up big warnings of Speedbrakers i tell you these thinks can really mess up the suspension of the bike…..
I met some nice People here like Jeff from Maine (USA) which I hang around some evenings and we had a great time…. So I will see if he really will manage it to come to Germany one day
icon_smile Also greetings to Ulrike from germany.. was nice to go out perhaps we will meet again and you come with your husband and the BMW to HD icon_smile
pics i took from the young girl were spontaneous on the street she was selling drink coconuts the little one.. I´m still to shy to ask people for pictures sometimes…
As it is too easy to et stuck here and I already extended my stay for one day I will head to hampi by tomorrow. And on Monday I will get finally to Bangalore to meet all the guys from SAP….it´s going to be fun I guess…. So stay tuned..
P.s. Nashik´s a nice place… and the landscsape coming from northwards was just Stunning…..
P.s.s. DrSSL… i guess i know who you are with this synonymous
icon_smile We´ll meet again at the thai restaurant i assume.. Let´s have a word then icon_smile
P.s.s.s.: Thanks for all the nice comments

Hampi – Bangalore (March 2nd)

01´st March – Hampi – Bangalore
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Hi there,
After leaving Goa which, I found very nice after all and I already miss as i´m now again in the city, I headed toward Hampi. This was a very spontaneous decision as I read about it in the Lonely Planet and some people I met in Goa recommended me the place to visit. It was a very nice drive along the coast into Karnataka state along the coastline until Karva and then I turned into the the mountains up to Hubli.

A funny situation again happened at the state border between Goa <-> Karnataka. I arrived very early there as I left Palolem Beach already at 07:00a.m. to have an easy drive with less traffic. So I approached to the state border. As I came up the road the bar
was open but the guys on Goa side screamed and waved at me to slow down and yelled stop…stop..stop…. icon_smile
I just waved back and speeded up so they couldn´t close the bar fast enough and I was through… don´t know what they wanted from me but I was not in the mood to answer stupid questions as more than 300km were ahead to go

The way through the mountains was gorgeous.  A great experience to go with the bike with very few traffic at this time and a lot of curves. Just awesome.
I arrived Hubli which is quite a busy city and headed forward to Hampi. This was not the best way as it was a hell of traffic but I managed to arrive in Hampi at about 02:00p.m. I was looking for a special hotel but I drove through the ruine field like crazy asking people which send me in any direction but not to the place I wanted to go. So I ended up in Hospet, a close city near Hampi, and booked a room in a very nice but a little expensive Hotel (2000rs/night).

Next day I rented a Autorikscha for the whole day (700rs) and explored for 8h the large ruins at Hampi.  It was a big city with approx.. 500.000 people living here in former times and so the area to discover is huge. After 8h I really had enough and I had to go back into the hotel….and yes I forgot to cream so I got a bit sunburned …. Arghhhhh…should have known better

More pictures can be found in the picture Gallery HAMPI
On 28´th I started early at 07:00 a.m. to Bangalore…. I went the NH13 to chitradurgha (i hope that was written correct…) and to go on the NH4 to B´lore. Just reached th NH13 a real big truck queue awaited me. With a lot of sneaking between the trucks and  squeezing through every space I could find I crawled forward until I saw the reason for the whole mess. A large overload truck bend over and  three of four other trucks rushed into it during the night. So it was a big mess with a total chaos of traffic. The whole truck queue on both side of the accident was about 20km. And some supid id*** of other drivers tried anyway to go by and pass the  trucks.
Oh..did I remember it was a normal road with only two lanes?? So some of these guys  opened up a third or even fourth lane just to get stuck again as another car, or even a bus which was worse, came upfront of them. So stuck again. For go´s sake I was lucky to find my way through this big I came to some real bad road parts again but after 3h I was relieved and I reached the NH4.

I couldn´t believe my luck. I heard the NH4 is a god road but this was awesome. 4 lanes with a middle wall and sometime even a wall on the outer side of the road. So now cow/chicken!!! or whatsoever could just cross the street. So I speeded up to go as fast as possible to go B´lore and be there before the big heat comes up. Even I went on some parts 180km/h it did not work out. I reached Bangalore with it´s famous traffic just during the hottest part. After 1h in Bangalore city traffic I saw the logo of my employer and it really felt a little bit like “coming home”
icon_smile Sounds strange but to see the logo was something familiar in a foreign country. So I showed my pass and even the guard at the entrance gate was looking a bit funny when he saw my bike but he let me pass and I entered the campus.

I met the colleagues (most of them the first time as we normally just have contact with mail& phone) and I was very very nice. After that I went to the hotel which was booked through our team assist just close to the office and I was so glad that I had not to go through the  city traffic again.
In 1´st march I went to the BMW bike dealer here in Bangalore…. But that´s another interesting story for another blog entry…so stay tuned …

Bangalore – Mysore (BMW Dealer disappointment in B´lore)… (March 4th,)

2nd – 4´th Bangalore – Mysore (BMW Dealer disappointment in B´lore)…
Hi there, So as promised here´s the story of my BMW experience in Bangalore. I called Navnit motors in B´lore and made up a date to come around on the 1´st of March for a quick check of the bike and for discussing the “tire-problem” As I showed up nobody was aware that I wanted to come. After long time waiting they found a mechanic who was “officially” trained for BMW motorbikes. The look he had when he saw my bike did me feel not very confident. I asked if they can make an oil change (as I had the Filter even with me) and if the brake pads need to be replaced. A 20second look to the brakes and he said, “not needed”… for the oil he went awai and wanted to check what sort of is needed and if they have it.

After 30mins he came back and told me that I need an oil sort they have not in stock and they need 2-3days to get it. Wow….i thought I can use 20w-50 which you can get in a lot of Gastrol shops. For clarification which oil I called my Bike Dealer in Germany (thanks Bernd!!!) and it was clear that also this can´t be done now as they need a couple of days to get the oil at Navnit Motors in Bangalore. With the tires the same game as before, I asked and waited…asked again and waited again and then I left the shop as i already spent 5h in this “house of incompetence”.

Just as I arrived at the hotel I got an call from Navnit Motors that they need about 2-3MONTHS to get new tires. I asked what would happen if I would have bought a bike at them and the tire would have a problem… so the mechanic answered that the indian customer have to wait also… And this for a bike of that value and price here in india… just ridiculous. So I will do the oil change at a nice river nearby as all Indians do (just kidding I wont do so but I have seen it) but I will do it when i´m down in kerala. I hope I get a nice mechanic shop down there were I can do it…also the brakes…. With the tires I have to go to the “fall back plan CZ” hehe…I hope that works out well…..

On the evening I went out with some colleagues which had time (in so short notice) and we went near MG road (mahatma Ghandi Road) into a bar/restaurant/bowlinghouse called Amoeba… I like he name….
icon_smile Was a great evening and I hope we can repeat this when i´m back in B´lore in a couple of weeks.
On 3´rd March I left Bangalore to head to Mysore. Was again an nice ride on nice roads but to get to these roads I had to go all through Bangalore. Until now I never had big problems with the traffic in Bangalore… just the chaos as usual. But leaving Bangalore was a pain. I needed 2 ½ hours to get out of town. Totally sweat and exhausted I hit the road to Mysore which was fine then. I just checked the tracked route i have not been complete through B´lore… i assume i would have taken me the whole day going straight through the city….

Arriving in
Mysore I got a quite overpriced hotel and next day I moved the Hotel Palace Plaza which offered me a nice room for 800Rs. That was quite a fair deal. Today 4´th I went to the city palace and had some nice walks through the city. In fact mysore is a nice place and much smaller than Bangalore and if I would have more time here there are some nice places to discover. Pictures Klickme
But honestly i´m fed up with cities at the moment. So I will head to Ooty tomorrow and stay thee for two nights up in the hill station. So more to come in a few days….. Lutz
The sunset just in the moment i write this Blog entry from the rooftop terrace of the Hotel..btw…approx 32celsius icon_smile

March Mysore – Ooty – Allaphuza – a lot happened (March 9th)

05´th – 09´th March Mysore – Ooty – Allaphuza – a lot happened
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Hi there,
I´m realizing i´m getting a bit lazy writing the blog  :-)
So here are the updates….. I had to stay one more night in Mysore as the fever and diarrhoea got me again.
Thanks god it just took me only one day to recover. The only annoying was the hotel room. As I felt really bad I asked for a room with A/C and it should be quite. Ok it got A/C but in the afternoon a generator nearby was running the whole time so it was a hard time to recover. Also the cinema next to the hotel has a bass system which was quite impressive…. Even I could hear it…. But the hotel stuff was very nice and helped me out a lot.

Nevertheless the next day on sat. 5´th I went further on to Ooty. A very nice hill station in south India (and already in Tamil Nadu state but i get back to Kerala….funny these state borders with the “customs” always we don´t have this in germany between our states – mhh perhaps we should do one to Bavaria
icon_smile )

The ride to this hill station was one of the most spectacular I had since I was in India. I never rode such a steep and small road my entire life. It was fantastic except that even on this road busses and truck were going and when you hear a horn just when you want to go around a pin bend you´d better stop because they don´t…. I recorded it on video but my line I really bad with the Photon Stick from Tata so i don´t know if it is working to upload the video…i´ll give it a try later… See on the map the hight display how fast you got up to Ooty….

Arriving in Ooty I first realized that it was much cooler….max 25…very nice. And a nice air. I checked the GPS and the Hotel was 2200m above sea level… wow…
Hotel Darshan is a good choice when you want it a bit quiet and not in the city center. They even provided me a special parking with the bike on the 3´rd floor of the hotel which is build along the hill with terraces…so I could go up there and park the bike directly below my room…. Fantastic….
Next day after a freezing night which I needed 2 blankets as it cooled down to 12degrees I did some sightseeing. Boathouse at the lake of Ooty and the highest peak Doddabetta in south india (approx2600m).  (
Here are the pictures klickme)….i got reminded to emphasize the picture links a bit more!!!! icon_smile Thanks UB…
Ooty is one of the first places I really totally enjoyed and I wished I had much much more time to spend… it was a very pleasant surprise as I did not expect much and I did not know much about the place before…..
But even here were i liked it very much I had to move on so I started my trip down the mountains to Allaphuza or Allephey (most of the cities here  have different spellings and pronounciation I assume that just to drive foreigner into craziness as when you ask the way on the first approach nobody will know from which place you are talking about
icon_smile )
And then my NIGHTMARE became reality!!!
My horn did not work anymore……arghhhhhhhhhhhh i´m lost… i´m damned in traffic craziness…. I became a NOTHING in the traffic…even a guy on the bicycle could run me over as they can yell at least but I had the helmet on….

So I got real stressed for the next 50km all down the mountains as there was no real good place to stop and check what is wrong… I tell you it was a nightmare….
Reaching the plains again and get shocked by the heat down there (you must know I started the trip at 07a.m. at 12degrees). I stopped and found out that I have a loose contact on one  of the connectors for the horn. But nothing I could do anyway… I tried a bit and it start working again; or not; just as it liked….
So that was the day I found out I have a female horn on (or at?) my bike…. It does what I say – or not – just as it likes….

Then I small motorbike ran into me and I got crashed the second time I was on the road in India.. He just didn´t see me…. (or was it because I did not horn??). I was standing and he just ran into my front wheel  knocking me off the bike… Nothing happened to me but one of my extra lights got broken and I fixed it with some tape. I hope I can glue it when i´m in Allephey or in Kovallam….. I was a bit upset and the guy totally sorry. Immediately a crowd gathered again around me but as they saw how sorry the guy was and that we are not mad on each other they were standing just curious.

Luckily nothing happened to the bike frame and tires…at least on the first sight…. Let´s see what damages the final inspection brings when i´m back in germany at my BMW dealer…(so prepare on a lot of checking Bernd & Co
icon_smile )
So going through the heat I headed forward to Allephey. And then I got another moment of excitement I rather liked to miss
The temperature reached the 40degrees and climbed even up to 41…. So even riding on a real nice 4 lane road with not so much traffic with 120km/h and standing to get more air did not cool me down anymore.
You can see it on the picture I took left handed with my backup Camera the Panasonic Lumix while driving
icon_smile  See below right corner…. And for the others which already asked me here you can see the high-tech command post of Spaceship GS – Mission India icon_smile  (that´s how sometimes the people look at it a last)
- Upper left the Zumo660 GPS with maps of India
- Upper right my Contour HD1080 Video Camera on the RAM mount
- todo: I really should find a place for the IPad to watch some movies
Passing through Cochin I saw a BMW car dealer and with my last disappointment in mind I was not sure if I should stop or not to ask for help for my female horn.
But I tried. And it was a very very good decision. Haroon if you read this you know why
The manager and the whole stuff were fantastic and they helped me out, fixed the horn and I even could come the next days to change my Brake pads there as the rear pads are really worn down. Fantastic. So at the end a not very good day ended up perfect… also the place i´m currently staying is really nice and so let´s see what the next days will bring… i´ll keep you updated…

To all supporters…time to say thank you…. (March 10th)

To all supporters…time to say thank you….
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Hello there,
Just for all the people which read the blog and get in contact me regarding bike issues and give me tips and hints and look around for dealers or contacts in Bangalore; Hyderabad; Cochin etc…. I just have to say to all of you a big


It´s really overwhelming how much feedback I get and support from people I have just met once and we had some tea and then you get a call that they ran around trying to get some information icon_smile
Not to forget also the support from home whenever there is something…thanks my dear
And a special thank to Platino Classic BMW Cars in Cochin!!! You guys did a great job…. !!!
www.bmw-platinoclassic.in (I love your Air conditioned showroom ) Whenever you are on the road in south india and you get problems with the bike (special BMW) go there and ask for Elvis…. he´s the one….
Today I got the Brake pads changed there and we managed it to fix the broken lamp from the small crash two days ago….

Tomorrow i´m heading to Trivandrum (at least near by) and it should not take too long as it is just 160km. So I will start quiet late at 09or 10 a.m. I´ll keep you updated Lutz

…near Kovallam..no internet… (March 13th)

…near Kovallam..no internet…
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Hi there,
just want to kep you updated. i´m in a small place near Kovallam but there i have no internet access. The Tata USB stick does not find any connection there even my cell phone has a very bad reception….
So i will blog whenever it is possible again. I will stay there a couple of days so let´s see when i can update you….

Back online – Chowara (March 22nd)

22´nd March – back online – Chowara
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Hi There,
I´m back in the online world…wohooo…..
icon_smile . During my stay in Chowara near Trivandrum I had no internet reception with my TATA USB device so I had to survive with all the internet and gadget stuff…. Wasn´t that hard icon_smile
In fact there was a computer at the place I stayed but it was too much hazzle to prepare everything and transfer via usb..so you had to wait for this update…hope still someone is reading the blog

So what happened….???
From Allephey I headed to Trivandrum and further on to a place called Chowara…. A small fisherman village on the coast of Kerala. There a friend of mine has a small accommodation at a local friend who is running a school project for children taking some extra classes in the morning. For more information about the accomodation just check out the website: http://www.go2india.de/.
Paulose and his family  (
PICTURES KLICKME) are fantastic hosts and to stay there was just fantastic… his wife prepared every evening a fantastic meal and it was real indian cooking…
The village itself is real life India…. With all pros and cons. Pros are the natural of the people and how friendly they are. It´s fascinating how religious people are  (
PICTURES KLICKME) when there was a procession on the beach for an open Air church.
Cons was the dogs…all over the village you could hear them in the night time and it really takes awhile to get asleep and learn to ignore them barking and fighting at night…

After a couple of days later my friend Christian came to visit me and the (long time ago) mentioned fall back plan CZ for the tires worked out. He was able to bring me the needed tires from Germany. Luckily the customs seemed to ignore what was loaded on his trolley when he left the airport so we got no problems with this.
He rented a old and worn down Enfield and so we did some nice tours through the countryside of Kerala. Another day we headed down to the southest point of india in Kanyakumari…. (
PICTURES KLICKME). It was Christians second ride on the Enfield and the first one with such a distance… “Incredible India” ….that´s in the future the slogan for us to talk about all the craziness you appear when beeing on the road in India…  But we made it safe through the day and had a lot of fun. At the end I think he really liked the riding in India.
Another day we went to Neyyar Dam  (
PICTURES KLICKME) with some Elephant sanctuary nearby. Fascinating when you get so close to these big animals… in Germany you just see them in the zoo locked away to any contact with the visitor… here you got direct to them and it was another great day out on the bikes. On my last day we strolled around through the village and here are some impressions of it: (PICTURES KLICKME)
And one special picture for “marc bmw” as reply on the comment from 2011/01/26…and our conversations at the day I was at the “repair course”
I didn’t hit it icon_smile  but that chicken is for you……
And one of the best experiences at the end
I got in contact with Fayad from the XBHP Indian Biker community forum  (
http://www.xbhp.com/) and we met at Kovallam Beach with some other friends (PICS BEACH) for a real great afternoon ride to Varkalla Beach and some Heliport Spot…. (where no Heli is).
Hey Guys…thanks for the cool ride it was really great…. The Video will come asap…. I just haven´t enough bandwith currently… (

And if you think Indians drive crazy… TRY TO DRIVE BY NIGHT THROUGH TRIVANDRUM… in my opinion the bus and truck drivers are kind of Yedi´s…. they close the eyes and start speeding… may the toddy (or other boose stuff) be with you and guide you… everything that is smaller as another truck is not existing…… as I said before… “Incredible India”  :-)

So that´s all for now… more from Madurei will come soon…
Bye for now says Incredible India biker lutz…..

Drive Videos are online…. (March 23rd)

...Video is online….
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Hi There,
a new drive video is online when i was on the road together with the guys from xbhp trivandrum…

This is the long Version:

cu Lutz

Madurei – Pondicherry (March 25th)

24´th march Madurei – Pondicherry
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Hi there,
I finally arrived in Pondicherry..the place I was 5 years ago and an very nice “see again”…. The last post was done in Madurei. The road from Trivandrum to Madurai was again just the finest you could go… nearly no traffic and a four lane road with new pavement…. On the way up to Madurei I passed a huge field of wind energy generators… with the mountains in the scene it looked fantastic…(
Also here a pic from my bike fully loaded also with my spare tires now….

I stayed in Madurei just two nights and I was unlucky that I was in Madurei on one of the few days the temple Is really closed because of the marriage day festival of the goddesses… When I walked to the temple I thought it´s the same old trick the touts do in Thailand when you want to visit the kings Palace/Temple Area in Bangkok. Also there they tell you that the temple is closed so that you are take a round trip with them in the Tuk-Tuk (Autorikscha).
But here it was really so that the temple was closed….. So I just took some outside fotos (
PICTURES KLICKME) and then I was lucky to meet an English guy (hi Jack…) which had a arrangement with an autorikscha driver to get him to another temple a little bit outside of the city…. So I joined him and we had a great time at these temple and some other places we went around…. (PICTURES KLICKME) Later I went in the hotel for a rest as the temperatures are really high at the moment…. We met later again and grabbed something to eat at the hotel rooftop restaurant.. And the it was really funny.. we went in the lonely planet mentioned Apollo69 Bar in the hotel basement were I stayed… wohoo….back to the 80´s icon_smile
The whole interior was designed like a spaceship and it really looked a little bit like the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars…. But more simple and with a lot old led lights in the corners and ceiling… and the music was kind a techno trance whatever 80´s discomix…. It was just funny… and at 10p.m. the music stopped and the silence time started….. somehow they were not allowed to party on longer… Next day I headed to Pondicherry…again on fantastic road and the whole ride of 350km just took me 5h. And I was happy about that as it is really hot here and with all the full biking gear in it´s quite exhausting. The way out of Madurei I recorded with my camera so I will bring uo a nice movie of the city craziness of incredible india driving… even it was early 8a.m. and the roads were not so crowded it was “fun” to go through

In Pondi I stay now the second day and I really like this city. It´s nice and with all the French road names you feel a little bit like in Europe…except the heat again. Being here the second time I take it much more relaxed for sightseeing and there is also not so much to see at all. So strolling around in the city is the thing to do in first place…. Enjoy the photos…(
PICTURES KLICKME) I also met some nice people from England (now living in Australia and an Indian living in Norway…. Am I the only one born and living in the same country????? …we had a great time yesterday watching the Cricket game Australia <> India… and India WON…  :-) More to come… By Lutz
I think this will be one of my all time favorite Pictures…..
Inside the mountain temple at Madurei…. lights falling through a ceiling hole… unfortunately you should not take photos there so i did not take more.. it was just told me after i have taken this single shot….

Mahaballipuram – last entry at the seaside…. (March 31st)

28´th –Mahaballipuram – last entry at the seaside….
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Hi there,
After a couple of wonderful days in Pondicherry I headed more north up the cost to Mahaballipuram. On the way up there I took some nice shots from being on the road…also a big area before Mahabs is used for gaining salt.
Mahaballipuram is a very historic (and touristic) place which I also visited a couple of years ago with my girlfriend…. I had choosen to go to Mahabs instaed of doing a daytrio from pondi as this will save me about 1-2h driving when i´m proceeding to Bangalore.
I checked in to the same hotel I stayed a couple of years ago…it was nearly the same but the tsunami years ago changed really the coatline of the hotel. The Beach is total different and I was astonished how much it was changed.
The next day I did some nice sightseeing in Mahaballipuram
(PICTURES KLICKME) even it was hot again…. I didn´t go with the bike as I di not want to walk around with these big boots all the time and sweat to death again like it was in Goa…. icon_smile

The shore Temple and the five Rathas wer very impressive again and I strolled around in Mahabs town also a little bit… nothing special but nice….
So on 29´th I headed to Bangalore. But that´s another story just chck the picture of the “
Naked Trucks KLICKME“…. So stay tuned even It takes some time currently to update the blog…

Driving safety instructions for India (ironic) :-).. new Video…

…some driving safety instructions for India :-).. new Video…
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Hi There,
i just finished a short “fun-video” regaring driving tips for India…. Just some things which i experienced here….


Bangalore – Hyderabad (April 4th)

4´th April – Bangalore – Hyderabad
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Hi There, So first the bad news… the blog will be updated earliest next Sunday… The reason for this is that I changed my flight date for Germany and now I have to be in Dehli already on the 11´th April in order to get all clear with the customs for my bike. Currently i´m in Hyderabad and so I have a long way to go…unfortunately I have to skip Varanasi but this is on my list for next time India….and believe me there will be a next time… but now what happened so far? I headed up from Mahaps to Bangalore on a real nice and fast road and arrived in the late afternoon. The next few days were just nice…I met working colleagues and went out for dinner with them and enjoyed the time being in Bangalore. As the evenings were full of appointments the days were also quite busy. I tried to find some good place to get my tire changed but none of the shops I visited together with a mate I met in Ooty (thanks for all of that btw) looked for me trustworthy enough to get it done there. So the next day I went to my “fantastic” BMW dealer and wanted it to get it done there.
It worked out…at least with the rear tire
It took “just” 5h for the rear tire to change as they had no machines to get the tire out of the rim. So they had to go to another shop to get it done there. For the front tire a special tool is needed which I have with me. But as I went to a BMW dealer were they SELL these bikes I hadn´t it with me. I expected this should be available without any problems. But also this tool is not available at the BMW Dealer… they don´t have it… unbelievable…. So I left my old front tire on and I hope it will last until i´m in Delhi. In case of emergency I have a spare with me at last.
The mechanic was very sorry and they even cleaned my bike but still I feel a bit disappointed by the service BMW in India overs for bike owners, which buy bikes there. After the big match day for the cricket worldcup on Saturday I planned to go to Hyderabad on sunday. … btw just to mention the nice Saturday afternoon I had at a working colleagues place… thanks for that it was awesome and you play the violin very well just to mention that again..! Carpe Diem

The road to Hyderabad was also very well and I hit the road with top speeds up to 180++ and I made it to get the 575km within 6h done…. And it was really hot that day.. 39c++ so this was the hard part as even with more than 1xxkm/h the wind is not cooling anymore and it gets very exhausting. I´m glad having the camel back in my jacket which i constantly refill with ice cold water so i consume 4-6l a day easily….

Do you see the shadow of the Bike??? The sun is really nearly direct from above…. awesome….
In Hyderabad I just have one day for sightseeing so I strolled around and I got also from a working colleague who is from Hyderabad some nice tips what to do and where to go. But I just managed to get a few things done and see and most of the time I strolled through the city and enjoyed the atmosphere.
At a famous landmark there were busses lined up and the CM (chief of ???whatsoever) a high rank politician came to hand over these busses to the Hyderabad authorities. So a big crowd was gathered and a lot of excited policeman were running around…. So enjoy the pics (
PICTURE CLICKME) and I will try to update the blog as soon as possible.
But for the next days I will have 400 – 500 km tours without recreation day within so it will be quite hard… also the temperatures are really high and i´m thinking to start at 5a.m. to use the cool time when it just starts to get light…. I will see and keep you updated…stay tuned… Lutz P.s. just for the remark of the last post of Ingo
icon_smile … there was plenty of space between me and the bus… and Indian would even overtake with a truck there icon_smile But you want me back in one piece at work so i will take care…. icon_smile

- BLOG IS CLOSED FOR NOW – 06.04.2011.

- BLOG IS CLOSED FOR NOW – 06.04.2011.
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Hello All,

after nearly 9286 arghh i did not even finish the 10.ooo km travelling through India “IT” happened icon_sad

A stupid car/Autorikscha driver came to close to my lane on NH7 when i was driving towards Nagpur. Only 60km before i reached my Hotel i was crashed icon_sad So currently i will do no further sightseeing etc…which is worth to report so far … i´m busy otherwise icon_sad
He came just up in front of me when there was a diversion and the 4 lane road went to a single lane..  i was just able to evade and he hit me hard on the right side of the bike ripping the right cylinder covering of and destroying the bike engine etc….
icon_sad He nearly hit me frontal that would not be fun………
Police was very helpful i have to say and i took away the other drivers car key as he wanted to disappear… before he could get too angry that i took the keys the police came…. But i doubt that it makes any sense that they have his name number etc….
Pics can be found here:
The Crash
nothing serious happened to me !! Just my left elbow needs some further examination at Dehli (or germany were i will head to asap) as i can´t stretch it full at the moment…..

But now the transport of the bike to Delhi must be organized… and it must be evaluated if i should/can/must bring the bike back to germany or if it isn´t worth at all (waiting for reply from my Bike Dealer and his mechanics in germany as far as they can tell something through the pictures…) …. I have to check out too many things…this is just to inform you…

I have very great help by a working colleague and her husband (THANKS a lot) as they have contacts all over India… So currently i´m waiting to get contacted for the further bike transpost etc….. i can´t tell how much this is worth to know to have these contacts and friends helping in situation likes this……. also the support from my girlfriend and family is great….!!!

See you all soon in Germany….
Feels so bad seeing the bike destroyed/damaged after going all well the long way round India…. i always knew that are freaks on the road and i drove carefully but this was to close for a frontal crash
icon_sad I´m just lucky that so far nothing bad happened to me…………… all other is just money & metal….
nevertheless i´m sad

Delhi – 09th April – blog re-opened – short update thanks to the “Round Table India” and many others….

Delhi – 09th April – blog re-opened – short update thanks to the “Round Table India” and many others….
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Hi There,
The last blog entry was quite sad and I was really frustrated. But in the meanwhile a lot of thinks happened and I wanted to give all of you a update as I got so much feedback by comments; Mails and phonecalls as it was overwhelming…
Ok the bad thing first… neither the BMW Bike fairy brought me a new bike overnight nor I woke up and it was just a freaky stupid nightmare……
But a lot of help came up when I didn´t expected it….I went to Nagpur and tried to get it organized that the bike is somehow getting transported from this small village I left the bike at the police post to proceed to bring it further to Delhi.
But unfortunately none of the many transport agents from Nagpur I called wanted to transport a German bike which was involved in an accident… don´t ask me why I have no idea… when I was finish with my story at the phone they all rejected the transport…. So I felt real fu** up… you can believe me.

Then I remembered some words a friend spoke one evening in Bangalore and i called him. His wife and he are members of the “
Round Table KLICK IT” which is a international club with good connections and the members help each other a lot…
So I called them and within 2hour I got contact to a “tabler” in Nagpur. He just told me not to worry after  I told him the whole story and this was the end of the crash day……
He called me up the next morning and we met at the hotel. Surprisingly he already had a driver with car for me and a small truck so that we could pick up the bike at Wardha Police post. (not to mention i was not allowed to pay the expenses for the whole action….)

We went there and the policemen were again very very friendly and helpful. They didn´t asked for any money only for a receipt I had to write that they handed over the bike to me again…. Wow…after all I´ve heard about the indian police the behaved real great and friendly

We brought the bike to Nagpur and my friend again surprised me as he announced that he has also arranged the transport to Delhi (for a real good  price i have to say 8300Rs for 900km transport) …. What I couldn´t do within hours by calling so many transport agents he just “simple” arranged icon_smile … I was overwhelmed again. I didn´t know this man & his family and they just helped me…
After meeting a lot of people in India (i have to say mostly at tourist places)  being just interest in your money as a tourist this was the other side which I encountered… a stranger just helping another stranger because another guy from the “round Table” asked for help…. This was GREAT…..

So on Thursday the bike was packed and send on the way to Delhi…it should arrive here by Monday afternoon… cross fingers that it will be there…..
I flew from Nagpur to Dehli for 5000Rs on Friday late afternoon…. Not to forget the great evening I had when the wife of my friend invited me for diner to a nice club near the cricket stadium in Nagpur… I wanted to invite her to say “thank you” but no chance… the Indian hospitality gives you no chance to do so… so I hope I will come back to Nagpur one day to give some of this big help and support back somehow… (or perhaps they come to Germany for the next tabler meeting)
As it´s Internet I won´t call names in my blog without knowing if others are ok with it so I just can say a big THANKS to The “Tablers” in Bangalore & Nagpur guys you are great…. Unfortunately i´m to old to become a tabler….

Also from the xbhp forum (Indian motorbike enthusiast forum) in which  i´m posting sometimes I got some phone calls and mails offering support… xbhp Trivandrum and Delhi.. thanks a lot… Ride Hard but safe guys
So what to say… even the worst experience can bring up a lot of positive things… So let´s see what monday will bring up that I can start for the customs with the bike…

The full route i travelled in India… (April 10th)

… the full route i travelled in India…
Hello there,
as i´m in Delhi and i´m currently not in the mood to do sightseeing i checked out my Garmin device and checked all tracked routes so far… and it was disappointing…… with the last 1000km to Delhi i would have made it to go altogether 10000km.. but so it was “just”  around 9200km (for details check the gpsies)… funny my mapping programm shows different km
But it was not how much i could go… it was for the adventure, fun to see this incredible India and i would do it again…and again….and again….
icon_smile (ok…mhh have to ask for more holiday i guess icon_smile )

so i wish you a nice sunday… Lutz

The bike is boxed…waiting for customs (April 13th)

…bike is boxed…waiting for customs
Hello there, so the bike was boxed by me on monday and as there was a public holiday yesterday in Delhi i hope that today the customs clarification will take place and i get the ok that all is done. So let´s cross fingers that this will go through smooth and without any problems…..

The transport of the bike from Nagpur to Delhi was perfect in time and the bike arrived on monday 1.00p.m. so we started immediately the boxing……

Last Post from the Airport on the way back home (April 16th)

..at the Airport waiting for Boarding….

this should be my last post from India……
After having a incredible time with up & downs i will leave this fascinating, disturbing, irritating, beautiful, crazy driving, friendly and a lot more country…..

I spend 10h yesterday at the customs  for my bike and still i´m waiting for the dangerous goods declaration. But as the bike is already at the bond area i can´t do anymore so i decided to fly anyway. I hope the IATA guys will take care as they promised me and hand over the declaration together with the bike to my goods carrier Thai Airways. Let´s hope so…….

It was a great time and if you would like me to ask if i would have do it again i would say a definetely YES… but with some slight changes….. not so much in such a short time…. India is just too incredible
icon_smile to see it in three months… next time i would focus more on certain areas…. but it was a lifetime experience and even with that unlucky (for my bike) but lucky (for me) crash it was great…..

so i will update the interested one when i got information about my bike…
stay tuned