India 2011

My bike tour three months through india in 2011.

01 Dehli

My First days in New Dehli and i got my bike out of customs

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02 Haridwar

Into the montains - Haridwar first days

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03 Shimla

In the beginning Himalayan Mountains..... (video Inside)

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04 Amritsar

Down into the plains to Amritsar and the Golden Temple...

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05 Abohar

Short one night stopover in Abohar on my way to Rajasthan...

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06 Bikaneer

Beginning of the desert in Rajasthan

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06a Bikaneer Rat Temple

Daytrip to Karni Matha Rat Temple

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07 Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer great desert city

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09 Jodpur

A short stopover in Jodphur (i was too sick to take pictures and headed to Udaipur...)

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09 Udaipur

Udaipur with his lake and the famous lake palace (not to forget the Citiy Palace)

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10 Mandu

...Mandu... not much known but a trip worth to go to...

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11 Goa

Beaches and a lot of tourists in Goa...

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12 Hampi

Hampi old ancient place to visit...

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13 Bangalore & Mandya

Stopover in worst traffic city ever... Bangalore..

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14 Mysore

Mysore.... wonderful palace..

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15 Ooty

Up in the mountains in Ooty nice and cool place and great for motorbiking...

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16 Cochin & Allephey

BAck to the coast at Cochin and Allephey

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17 Chowara and Surroundung

Staying at a great family in chowara village

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18 Trivandrum & Varkalla Beach

With indian motorbikers a daytrip to varkalla beach... (Video Inside)

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19 Madurei

City of Madurei and surroundings...

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20 Pondicherry

French style city of beautiful Pondicherry...stayed longer as planned here as it was so nice..

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21 Mahabs (Mahaballipuram)

Old Mahaballipuram with his shore temple

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22 Bangalore 2´nd time

Back to Bangalore....

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23 Hyderabad

Hyderabad... for me the name is magical..

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24 The Crash

Pictures from my Crash, transport to Dehli & Packing and Arrival in Frankfurt Arrival

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